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Nutty Nuchtchas

Nuchtchas started out in podcasting back in 2004 as a listener and 2005 as a regular contributed to the SciFi Dig Podcast. There she reviewed movies coming to theaters soon and hosted the Meet the Digger chats. She contributed to other podcasts enough to be asked often, "So which is your podcast?" only later to be asked "When are you starting you podcast?"

While contributing to podcasts she learned the ins and outs of creation, and as part of her day gig was teaching schools how to podcast and how to incorporate podcasting into project based learning and current curriculum. Her day job consists of being an Artist for hire, a Graphic Artist specializing in charities and small businesses, and an educational consultant specializing in EdTech and Project Based Learning (aka a merc teacher).

January of 2011 (dubbed the year of awesome) she finally started her own podcast, Nutty Bites. Originally a solo podcast, Nutty Bites soon grew into a panel discussion podcast that took a debate format and then evolved into a round table format. Now listening to Nutty Bites is like getting to attend a panel at a convention twice a month virtually. Recording while broadcasting to YouTube has given the ability for listeners to be there live and ask questions or add comments during the recording, there by enriching the discussion. The audio is then cleaned up and edited to an mp3 version and put out to the podcast feed for download from any device. Currently Nutty Bites consists of Nuchtchas, Tek her regular co-host and antagonist, and often the hosts of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me podcast, Jen and Jason.

Later in 2011 SpecficMedia Presents: Beyond the Wall: A Game of Thrones Podcast (and the longest Podcast name in history) launched. Before the HBO series Game of Thrones aired, PG Holyfield put together a podcast that would cover the show in a non-spoiler format. He invited Nuchtchas, Christiana Ellis, Chooch, and Viv to join him. Each host had read at least some of the books, Chooch being the only one who read just the first one. After the first season Chooch didn't read on to keep his opinions fresh as the resident newbie. Nuchtchas was one of the resident experts having reread all of the books a few times, and been involved in A Song of Ice and Fire fandom for a while.

In May of 2016 the Intro to Ghibli Podcast started. Nuchtchas asked her friends and Anime experts Jen and Jason to guide her and Tek through the movies of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. After seeing My Neighbor Totoro she decided this gap in her viewing knowledge needed to be fixed. Being a fan of the IntroCast format she decided she needed to become a newbie in her own IntroCast.

In March of 2010 Nuchtchas started her Daily Creativity project. Daily Creativity is an art project that is about making a piece of art each day for the 40 days of Lent, but also any art created throughout the year that takes no more than a day to make. Having spent her life creating art, going to art school, and making a career in art, Nuchtchas realized that she was too precious with her art. Spending tons of time on each piece was both exhausting and limiting, freeing herself up to make art in daily increments meant she was creating more. Now it is an event that is looked forward to each year. Her art from Daily Creativity is both for sale and rewards for her patrons. She also accepts commissions for hire thanks to the exposure of the Daily Creativity project and has a few annual commissions as well as one offs. This year's Daily Creativity will begin on March 6th.

You can find her work, both Podcasts and Art, at nimlas.org